Nanako humbly thanks you for stumbling onto her site where she posts her writing. Everything here could not be possible without her strange imagination, oxygen, and of course marmalade.

[Suika means watermelon in japanese.]


What, you want more? Honto? How flattering~

Name Nanako
Type of site Personal site where Nanako also posts her writing
Fact 5'6ft. 16years of age.
Hobbies Writing. Photograhpy. Sleeping.
Good at Being clumsy. Watercoloring. Optimisim.
Bad at Cooking. Homework.
Loves Kogepan. Cute phone charms. Korean food. Haircuts.
Contact! Please do; castle_in_la_sky[at]hotmail

Is currently living in rainy Washington.

Nanako HATES the rain.
Has all of the symptons of a cat; lazy, sleepy, dazed.

+has fish for breakfast

Marmalade, Henry Treadaway, Action/Comedy,etc..