Over the hill and through the woods.

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-Over the weekend I started a detective story revolving around a stupid town. Does it sound interesting? (confused) Would anyone read it?? (bleh)

This is a rough draft scenecoming from the detectives point of view:

“Sticking out right beneath my bed (minding their own business I suppose) were two feet. Now that, aroused my suspicion. What were these particular feet doing in my room at the Inn? But more importantly what were they doing under MY BED? I stepped forward (pressing lightly on my toes) when suddenly a certain itch bit me right in the back. The annoying tingle kicked into full gear. The problem was, my short arms couldn’t reach so far back. Both of my arms grabbed at my back, while my spine danced from back and forth from the itch. After much struggle I finally subdued the blasted spot. When I looked down again (assuming the feet were still there) my surprised eyes found not two feet but a crumpled note. I began to question the exact reliability of my eyes and imagination but soon realized the note was not my own. I picked it up and it read:

Buy pickled vegetables
Do laundry
Catch train 01-72W

With dismay I reread the organized note. It was most likely a trap, but it was the biggest lead because whoever left it in my room was undoubtedly the suspect. “

And on it goes…. The detective is a bit ditsy


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