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Posted Mar 6, 2009. Under Stress~
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First of all, why is it snowing in March?! I think the last time it snowed here in March was like 80 years ago. 8 I couldn’t believe my eyes, it looked as if somebody had just dumped a bag full of snow over my house. 23


So over the weekend I helped through a surprise party for my dad. I never knew planning a surprise party could be so STRESSFUL!! 2 Even though my dad is the most oblivious person ever, he still caught on after we started sneakily hanging up the decorations 6 Over 40 people came to celebrate the event of him turning 40. It was fun, and I saw alot of relatives I’ve never been in the same room with 9 Its funny because my father kept saying he didn’t want a party. He even said he was going to leave the house if he found out we were planning something. 21
Get cooking good looking ;)

But in the end he loved it. He loved seeing his siblings, and all the attention and support they gave him. He even admitted that having the party was a great idea 14 . (We cooked a rice dish outside called Plouf outside over a burning fire, and we played games like “Now that you’re forty you can’t….”)

Oh and if you haven’t noticed I made a Flickr Flickr Flickr just to waste space on the internet 18


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