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Spring is finally here April showers bring May flower, but April snow storms kill them :( WAH stop snowing already.

Quick Weekend Summary: Wrote my research paper, met an uncle that I haven’t seen since I was a three month old baby, came down with something horrible and nauseating 3 , went to a japanese festival, watched The Aristocrats.

I really love The Aristocrats, the movie makes me smile every time I watch it because the kitties are just so likeable and so unlike my stupid lazy cat. He can’t even eat in the dark 11

I took some screen caps, please feel free to take 22

I think this guy is my favorite. Hes giving the piano the stare down.

Mom cat is on a date?

I want his glasses.

exchange students are so interesting and cute. I met this one named Tahashi whose hobbies were sleeping, reading, and playing video games.
I said “watashi mo!” to the sleeping, but his foreign friend keep saying “Geek geek!” 17


Is currently living in rainy Washington.

Nanako HATES the rain.
Has all of the symptons of a cat; lazy, sleepy, dazed.
+has fish for breakfast

Marmalade, Henry Treadaway, Action/Comedy,etc~