& more napping

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I like these days best. :D Sleeping is perfect during this time of the year.

Me? I’m slowly getting by until school ends. Putting up with all its horror and misery. 17
Oh and eating these beautiful apricot pastries is helping me ALOT. But lately the dentist has been showing up in my dreams… 11

You guys are very kind for putting up with my nothingness. Reading manga and pretending to garden are my accomplishments. I need to move around. Meh but then its so nice… I think I’ll go take a nap right now..


Is currently living in rainy Washington.

Nanako HATES the rain.
Has all of the symptons of a cat; lazy, sleepy, dazed.
+has fish for breakfast

Marmalade, Henry Treadaway, Action/Comedy,etc~