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I have to get up really early tomorrow, we’re going to go hiking at Mt. Rainer. Its not good for my face when I’m up before anything past 8am 11 . It should be a good day on the mountain, full of nature and acorns.

A few weeks ago I went to the Columbia River that fans around the state of Washington. Its a ginormous river that is very cold. I like going there, because after suffering through three hours in the car, 3 , the surrounding is so unbelievably different.The annoying green wet trees I live in (yes in because they are everywhere) are replaced by desert sand and canyons. Some pictures for your eyes.

Ack its already too late, I’ll look dead tomorrow.
Oh and I’ve been cured thanks to horrid jello. Thanks for your well wished :D !!!


Is currently living in rainy Washington.

Nanako HATES the rain.
Has all of the symptons of a cat; lazy, sleepy, dazed.
+has fish for breakfast

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